Saturday, May 24, 2008

The things boys do!

The things kids do when you aren't looking. I went into the boys room today to check on them and to give a small snack only to find that my middle boy (age 2) has found himself a better place to sleep than his bed. We have a few shelves in their closet so I can keep things like games off the floor and out of the reach of the baby. Well the 2 year old has decided that the bottom shelf is his. He cleared it off and has made himself a cubby hole bed. He took his pillow, blanket, and 2 stuffed animals and climbed in there and curled up ready to sleep. This, by the way, is no small task either. He had to climb up on the end of his bed (which is a car bed) in order to work his way into the shelf. It was a rather funny site to see. I didnt know how to react to that one. Do I discipline him and tell him thats bad? or Do I laugh and just let it go?

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