Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Almost there!!

We are almost ready to leave Arkansas! Im sorry for not posting more, but we've been so weighed down with projects that needed to be finished before we could leave. We finally decided to rent the house instead of selling it. Its the market. Unfortunately we would not have been able to get anything from the house had we sold it. But that's ok. We found a nice family to rent it from us.

I have to admit, if you had told me 10 years ago that I would be doing the things I am, I would never have believed you. Here's a general recap of the last ten years of my life: 1999 I graduated high school, 2000 I had a job and got my own apartment, 2001 I got together with my hubby, 2002 I married him and had a baby, 2003 we moved to Arkansas from California, 2006 still in Arkansas and having baby #2, 2007 baby #3 and bought a house .. in Arkansas, and now 2009 moving back to California and renting out the house in Arkansas. That makes me officially a landlord. Who'd a thunk?

I cant say so much for some of the people we knew in high school. I've heard of a lot of them having troubles in life. Some are in jail, some are back with their parents, some are still with their parents, some have kids and are barely making it. But then there's some that are doing well for themselves. Those typically are the ones that you never hear from until something catastrophic happens. We've been lucky to have done so well. We arent necessarily at the top of the rungs but by and large we are doing well.

So back to our regularly scheduled program ... well, not yet. We have about a week until we are in California. Then we need to get settled in. So it might be a little while before you hear from me again. Hopefully the next time you hear from me, I will be settled in with my new home. I might drop in to let you know that I've made it there ok.

See you soon!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Packing for the Move

We are pretty close to being done packing all our things! Thus the reason I havent posted in a while. We only have a few weeks left and its getting a little exciting! Packing is such a big task!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Preparing the Little Ones for our BIG Move

Moving is a really BIG deal for small children. They dont truly understand the whole thing while its happening. It may take some quite a while to truly understand that you arent in the same place and wont be seeing the same people once you are settled into your new place.

My oldest has had a few questions for us that have been a little difficult to answer. Difficult in the aspect of it being hard on him to understand the answer. Things like, will we be able to go to a certain friends house, or will we still be going to the same church, or will so-and-so be there too? The answer is always no.

So what have we been doing to prepare him (and the other two) is to talk about all the people he knows where we are going. All our family is in the area that we are moving to. We had the wonderful opportunity to have his cousin with us for a day the last time we visited. It was the county fair and they absolutely had a blast! (I did too!) He remembers her, his grandparents, and his aunts and uncles. The middle boy remembers a few of them as well. Sadly the little one doesnt remember any of them, but he will have a great opportunity to get to know them.

We've been talking about some of the things that they will get to do there in the town we will be in, like going to parks, the lake, tractor shows (yes, we really like tractors we even have a few of them, but thats a story for another day), the fair, fishing, all the fun stuff that we like to do as a family but dont do much of here because of the distance to everything.

One good thing that works to our benefit is the fact that the boys have already taken a trip there by car so they know that its going to take a while. Hopefully there will be a lot of stops for them to get out and stretch!

What ways do you prepare your little ones for a BIG move?