Friday, May 23, 2008


Just about every blogsite that Ive been to has had a theme. I guess that's part of having a blog. Some themes have been about finances and money, others have been about homemaking, some are about living green. You name it, there's a blog out there with that theme. Well this blog's theme is about life at my house, my thoughts, my dreams, my ideas, and things I like.

To start things off I want to tell you about one thing that has had my interest for a while. We recently bought a house and it isnt in the greatest of conditions. I guess that is something that you can expect for a dirt cheap repo. The good thing is that it is livable and we have been in it for about a year now. But what has my interest is building a new house on the property that holds this dirt cheap repo. Its going to entail tearing down the original structure (which isnt so bad considering its a small modular that is in serious disrepair) and restructuring the land as it is a hillside property. The way the property is now is not terribly functional and every time we get a good rain it washes out our driveway. We also want to build green. Hubby and I have tons of ideas for the house but it will be a few years out before we can build.

What are your thoughts on green building?

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