Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two Days Left!

We have two days left before we hit the highway out of town. We should be back in Arkansas before anyone can say "Bobs your uncle". Truly, I miss my home. I miss the green, my house, the fact that I can pay my bills every month *ON TIME!*, even the humidity in the summer. I cant stand the dry heat of California, and never really have to be honest with you.

It was nice to be able to come back and be with our families for the amount of time we were here, but its time to go home now. There were a lot of reasons we moved in the first place, and it turns out that some of those things are still there. As a family, we just dont fit in to the views and ways of the people here in California. Our ideals and beliefs dont mesh with those around us. Even those who believe in the same things we do.

Im curious to see how things have changed in Arkansas over these last few months. Its strange how things can change so quickly in such a short time. I hope that this has been a move for the better, even tho it has cost us a bundle. Sometimes God has to move you PHYSICALLY out of the way for him to do the work he needs to do. Its almost like how I have to put my little boys in a separate room completely so I can vacuume the one Im in. Its a good thing in the end because I get the cleaning done and the boys get to use a fresh room to play in once Im done.

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