Monday, August 24, 2009

And Back Again

Not back to blogging just yet, but back to Arkansas. It turns out that even with a transfer within the same company, California is just WAY too expensive for us. We can't support our family on the same budget as we could in Arkansas (as if that wasn't obvious). We would literally have to double our income in order to live in California, and that's just not an option right now.

I wish in a lot of ways that we had not moved to begin with, but it was something that needed to happen. Sometimes in life, you have to take a step away from things for them to change. Im almost positive that this was the case for us. Altho it is a very costly move, we are willing to pay the price. That's not saying that we have the funds availible right now but that will come. We will be making a very simple move right now and we will come back for the remainder of our things when we've accumulated enough money to get a uhaul to move the rest of our belongings. This move however will be our final long distance move for a long time I believe. Unless the Lord calls us to move in another direction, I believe that Arkansas will be our permanent home.

The benefit to that is that Arkansas is much cheeper on almost everything. Sure they have a 9% sales tax on food, but at least I can afford to buy food there! The price of registering my vehicle wont be astronomical, my mortgage is super cheep, gas is cheeper, and college is cheeper. When I can pay ALL of my bills in Arkansas for the same price that I would be paying for RENT in California, I know Im doing well.

It might be a while yet before I get a chance to post again, but know that I love you all and I look foreward to blogging again when things settle down. Who knows, I might even have a more productive blog once we get back. ;)

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