Monday, September 28, 2009

I Feel Like BLAH

We are at home and finally settled in ... sort of. We dont have very many things in the house yet and havent had a solid income as of yet. That part really sucks. Its one thing to move without anything, knowing that you'll have something waiting for you when you get there (ie money to buy the things you need or the stuff you need in storage) but its another thing all together when you move and dont have those things available to you.

We've had a little bit of money here and there, so it hasnt been extremely hard, but it's still hard. I think the worst part is the fact that we should have had money coming in by now. The hubs was supposed to start working the monday after we arrived but because of paperwork being delayed, he didnt actually start until last week. So we've been without a steady paycheck for almost a month now and dont get his regular paycheck until the 9th.

So here's the part where I feel like BLAH ... I cant do anything! I cant even go into town to take the boys to the park because I dont want to use up all my gas before we get payed. I cant go to my bible study, or to the grocery store, or to friends houses. It's so frustrating just sitting here at home with nothing to do but wash dishes because that's the only thing in the house. I cant even wash our laundry because we dont have a washing machine and its driving me NUTS!

Im just hoping that things go quickly the next two weeks. We are very lucky on the one hand tho, to have our house still. God is very gracious in the fact that he didnt allow our house to sell. Also the people who rented our house were not able to keep up with the payments and so we had to evict them on short notice (which was still a decent amount of time). This worked to our advantage because we had to be back on short notice (or so we thought).

So, after all the rushing to pack stuff up and to get here, I am now sitting idle. Dont get me wrong, Im extremely happy to be back. I feel like I am finally home. However, I hate to just be sitting here not able to do anything. Got any ideas? Maybe you can help me cure my boredom. Let me know if you do.

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