Monday, February 16, 2009


I have officially opened an etsy shop! My first item up for sale is ... of all things ... Birdseed Toss Wedding Roses. They are fabric roses with birdeseed (or whatever you chose) stuffed inside to toss at the bride and groom as they leave the wedding. Pretty cool I thought! They were ones that were made with the intention of being used at a friends wedding but there was a discrepancy about the lace that we used. I guess the bride didnt want lace to be anywhere near her wedding.

Personally, I dont blame her! Im not much for lace either. Something about lace reminds me of the 80's. Maybe it was the gloves that Madonna wore ... who knows. But these are pretty none the less. I might have more too. Some that dont have lace on them. They would be the extras from the actual bunch that made it to the friends wedding. I like these ones. Especially the red ones. There were five colors for these roses. Red, blue, green, yellow, and brown. The ones with the lace were just flat colors with the lace over them. (see pic) Not bad, the red ones were I think the best. They were really bright. But I like the ones without the lace better because they arent flat colors. There are patterns on the fabric and like I said before, I really like the red ones. They had a rose pattern on them. Really bright and very pretty. But I guess that's one woman's opinion. :)


  1. They're adorable! I must disagree with the lace comment, I love lace! So victorian. Fill some with chocolate and throw them my way!

  2. Only if you're buying! LOL They did turn out very nice. I have to admit.