Monday, July 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

In my attempt to work the Weight Watchers plan, Im going to be posting my weekly menu here. Along with about half of the blogosphere! Im not the greatest at it yet but give a newbie a chance. :) So here it is:

Monday: Breakfast - Oatmeal and bananas, Dinner - Roast (crock pot) with veggies
Tuesday: Breakfast - Cereal and peaches, Dinner - Spaghetti with salad and bread
Wednesday: Breakfast - Oatmeal and fruit, Dinner - Sweet and Sour Chicken with veggies and rice
Thursday: Breakfast - Pancakes with applesauce and raisins, Dinner - Stew and homemade bread
Friday: Breakfast - Cereal and fruit, Dinner - Hamburgers with baked beans and salad

Im not including the weekend because it is never a solid schedule and I dont usually know what is happening until we are there.

Visit Orgjunkie for more menu's.


  1. Your menu sounds yummy. What is the recipe you use for your bread?

  2. Welcome to MPM - thanks for sharing, good luck, and have a great week!

  3. Looks yummy - welcome to MPM!

  4. Thank you for taking a look! :D My bread recipe is one out of our bread machine's book. We really like the french bread recipe. It goes so well with a lot of different things.

  5. About six weeks ago my husband and I started the Biggest Loser program. Although we don't always stick to it, esp. when we eat out, the biggest thing we've noticed has helped our weight loss is cutting down on carbs. We hardly eat any bread and when we do, its nutrition packed whole wheat or multi-grain. The only no no on Biggest Loser is white potatoes. :)

  6. I looked into doing the Biggest Loser program. But I just couldnt get into it. I really need personal accountability and with WW I have that. My Sis-in-law is a member and I know that I can get support from her. I dont know anyone in the Biggest Loser program. Im happy to hear that your husband works with you on it (mine wont even attempt it)! I hope you do well with it. :)