Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sucessful Homeschooling

I can say that we are sucessfully homeschooling. Thursday last week my oldest came to me telling me that he could read a page out of one of the little reader books that we have. I told him that was wonderful and that he should read the whole book. So he went back to his room and read it. The whole thing. I am so proud of him. He's really doing a wonderful job. I love the fact that he can read things on his own now.

Another wonderful aspect to homeschooling him is the fact that he's helping his brothers to learn as well. A friend gave us a LeapFrog brand word whammer so that the boys could practice their letters and putting together small words and I think that the little boys have gotten better use from it than the older one has. It has a feature that sings the ABC's and so they all get together and sing the ABC's. Its so cute to watch and listen to them doing that because they dont exactly get the names right (well, the older one does but the middle one tries and misses and the youngest just knows the tune) and they dance to the tune, but they are all having fun with it. I love it!

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