Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday already

Okay so its monday already. Over at Handprints on the Wall they have started the carnival with cleaning out their closets. They have both gone thru and cleared out all of the non essential items in their closets with astonishing results. Kendra has counted the clothing items from just her own stuff and came out with 70 pieces that she is getting rid of. Thats just amazing.

I have been on a similar journey. I haven't, however, gotten to my own closet yet. Thats a project for this upcoming week. Instead, I started with the kids clothes that I have been holding on to. I have had about 6 garbage bags (33 galon size) full of clothes that I have been accumulating since my oldest was an infant. It was a good thing in one sense considering the fact that I have had three boys and have been able to use the clothes for all three of them. But it is time to let go now. I have already given away a bunch and sent a good portion of it to the thrift store. Im not even going to try to consign any of it because that would take a lot more time to put together than I have energy for. Plus its going to a thrift store that uses the money to help the community.

This week I have a car load of stuff that needs to go to the thrift store. I might even try to go through my clothes before I head out to drop stuff off. Im sure that any one who has unloaded a mass of stuff can understand the feel of a major weight lifted off their shoulders. Im sure it will take quite a while to accomplish but I have a vision of a minimal lifestyle for my house. At less than 1200 sq ft, thats a good thing.


  1. Great job! Thanks for sharing with us, and encouraging others to do the same! I still need to finish up my kid's closets... :)

  2. Thanks Kendra. Its just frustrating to have so much stuff. Im glad you are doing the series on minimizing.